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Questions and Answers


Is it possible to cumulate two charge bonuses in a single attack ?

Yes, indeed. If the two cavalry units have charged the same unit and if the combat situation allows one of them to support the other, then both gets the charge bonus.

My charge was successful and the enemy retreated behind a stream. What will be my bonus in the attack ?

First the CS benefits from the charge bonus, then this value is halved since the enemy is protected by the stream.

Can a cavalry unit charge several times in the same turn ?

Nothing forbids that. A unit is forced to stop its movement only if it enters an enemy zone of control. Suppose for instance that the target of a charge is behind a stream, and that the charge fails. Then the charging unit is out of any zone of control and may carry on its movement.

Reaction fire

Let us suppose that a unit penetrates in an enemy control point neighboring to enemy artillery and that the firing of reaction annuls it, is the control point converted?

The resolution of the reaction fire takes place before the check of the objectives thus in case of elimination the point does not change a color.

When a unit moves in an hex neighboring to several artilleries, which are the criteria to determine the order of the reaction fire?

First of all is tested the hex situated in the northeast then the checks continue clockwise.

How to avoid to charge an enemy unit ?

When charge is going to take place the rosette of movement situated around the unit is equipped with a red arrow. This red arrow indicates that the charge will automatically take place if the movement is pursued in the indicated direction. To interrupt this movement and so avoid that the charge takes place, you have to deselect the cavalry once by clicking in the unit or to click in another unit.

Transfer of the losses of morale value on the CS during the retreat

Units with a value of Morale which is 0 undergoing retreat always see they their losses Morale put back on their value of combat ?

Only when the retreat and loss of Morale are direct consequences of the current action. It is thus necessary to distinguish the retreat taking place following a charge of the retreat taking place following a combat :
- Following a charge, the retreat is the direct consequence of the action. In that case there is transfer of losses from the morale to the combat strength.
- During a combat, the loss of CS (Combat Strength) and the check of Morale form the direct consequences of the combat. The retreat and the loss of Morale which then take place are indirect consequences of the action (they are consequences of the check of Morale in fact !). There is no transfer of losses because it would form then a consequence of consequence, a kind of double punishment in fact.

Check of morale and elimination

Some results of combat can urge the attacker to make a check of morale. What happens if during this combat the opponent is also eliminated ?

The elimination prevails over the result of combat, there is no check of Morale. There is thus possibly advance of the unit attacking.

Irregulars and support

How work the supports when regular and irregular troops are in the same army ?

The irregulars support only the troops of the corps to which they belong. On the contrary, the regular troops always support irregular units.

Demoralized units

Can the demoralized units impose losses ?

Yes nothing opposes to it. A demoralized unit does not attack but can defend itself and imposes then losses.

Mounted artillery

Does the mounted artillery belong to the artillery corps or the cavalry corps ?

The mounted artillery is completely considered as of the artillery but which benefits from a movement allowance superior to the classic artillery :
- it does exert a ZoC
- it moves using the chart of deplacement as artillery (marshs and risks of sticking, orchards)
- it does not charge

Blocking of the game

I have red dices, my game seems blocked ?

The game takes place directly on internet. This measure aims at discouraging the reloadings of page made in the objective to obtain better results. To avoid to block any more your game you have to finish a turn when you started it.

Frequency of game

How works the frequency of game ? What are the "small horses" ?

An indicator in the database can have a value between zero and ten. Inititaly, in the daytime of your registration you have the value 9. Every whole fraction of three points represents a small horse. You thus begin with three horses. Every morning you lose 1 pt. By playing a agme you gain points at the rate of 1 pt by turn beyond the first turn played the day.

In summary:
- It is necessary to play every day two turns not to see your frequency of game falling
- if you are a regular player (10 pts) you can go away one day without that your indicator falls
- two turns are enough every day to keep your level. If you play more, your indicator increases, if you play less, it decreases.


I am a new player how to play the championship ?

You must have finished a first game to be able to play the Championship. To play a game "officialy" counting for the Championship, you have to declare a game "Championship" (by clicking the button having laurels in background). Once the game confirmed (that is once the first completed turn) you will integrate players' pool competing in the championship the following morning.

Warning ! As long as you did not make this initiative to integrate the championship you remain invisible to the other players playing the championship and thus you cannot be invited.

I used to play some time ago but I am not ranked anymore in the championship, why ?

The championship establishes every morning a classification of the players on the basis of their activity. If you had no activity championship for 15 days you are not any more a part of competitors. To return you just have to play a turn in a "Championship" game (a game which the 1st turn has been completed). You will join the classification "Championship" the following morning. See above " How integrate the championship ".

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