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Rally phase

During this phase, units whose current morale level is less than their initial level can regain morale points. Rallying conditions depend on the demoralisation level :

Units fully demoralised

Fully demoralised units have a Morale value of 0. These units can gain 1 point if they are in an hex adjacent to their leader at the end of the turn.

Reminder : Adjacent hexes are hexes not separated by stream, river or a double slope line.

Other demoralised units

If the morale value is less than the initial level but not 0, the unit can gain a morale point in one of the following conditions :

Condition 1
- to be in the range of command of its leader
- to be in an hex not controlled by the ennemy
- to have not done any movement during the current turn, even after resolving a combat

Condition 2
- to be in an hex adjacent to its leader

If the unit fulfill the two conditions, the value of morale will increase of 2 points.


Some units are defined as independents (see bedouine troops in the AQABA scenario as example). These units have no leader. Thus, they cannot gain any morale point during the rallying phase.

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