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Victory conditions

The victory conditions are specific to each scenario. As a general rule capturing or occupying given positions on the map provide victory points.

Geographical objectives

Total strength of the units

Leader = 30 pts
Cavalry, Infantry = CS x MV (Combat Strength x Moral Value)
Artillery = BV x range (Bombardment Value x range of fire)

Other conditions

Other less common conditions may also be considered in the assessment of victory. The details of the scenarios are presented in the page "Scenarios". It is recommended to read this page so as to acquaint oneself with the victory conditions of a new scenario.

Victory points

At the end of the game the victory points gained by each player are counted. The difference determines the level of victory :
- difference of 0 = draw
- difference of 1 = minor victory
- difference of 2 = tactical victory
- difference of 3 = major victory
- difference of 4 or more = total victory

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