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Using the site


In order to play you have to register on the site and give a valid e-mail address. Your registration is confirmed by sending you an e-mail.

Multiple registrations are forbidden. Players using several pseudo (one computer, several pseudo) will see the desactivation of their pseudo that is less ranked.

A player of the suscriber zone may declare several pseudo while using one computer.

Inscription on the forum is separate. It is highly recommended to use the same name as for the game with the same case (capital and small letters).

Total number of simultaneous games

The total number of games that a new player may simultaneously take part in is purposely limited. A player may only take part in two games until he finishes his first game. Once the first game finished he may take part in eigth games.

Players of the suscriber zone may play up to 30 games.


Every new player has the status of beginner. This status allows him to declare games/challenges dedicated to the discovery of Morne Plaine, called “in training games” and under the tutelage of a mentor. These games can only be played against a player having already assumed a mentor's role.
Dedicated to the learning, the “in training” games do not modify your rank nor the number of your already played games.
Beginner and mentor have both two respective duties to the other player. Think of communicating with the other player via the parchment of the end of turn.

Especially do not forget that :
- The tutelage does not replace an attentive reading of rules of the game !
- Your mentor is voluntary and simply a player as you are.
- Your mentor doubtless had already repeated ten times that a reading even fast of rules would have been able to teach you.

Reloading a battle

The game being played "on line" via an Internet browser some technical limitations have been implemented that prevent playing several times aiming at better results.

Once begun a turn must be finished. Only the initial unit set up phase can be cancelled and reloaded.

Leaving a game during a phase in progress, trying to open a new window in your browser, disconnecting your browser or using several browsers simultaneously makes you lose your turn. The game then proceeds immediately to the end of the turn.

Fair play

Morne Plaine needs two players. Your opponent is an Internet user just as you are. Care about finishing your games whatever the outcome. Use the parchment at the end of your turn to communicate with your opponent (a mere "hello" is always appreciated). Be diplomatic !

"Dead" games

The fair play rules being not always observed carefully, the players having no news from their opponent can upgrade the game after one week. They can cancel this game or skip their opponent's turn to carry on the game.

It is customary to show tolerance regarding the progress of the game when the opponent has justified his absence (holidays, etc.)

Games not being played

The site is endowed with certain procedures of unballasting. Some can be automated, on the initiative of the players or of the administrator :
* Declared game/challenge for which the first turn is not being played is deleted after three days.
* Except invitation, a game/challenge accepted must be played within 24 hours. Beyond this period it will be proposed to all other players.
* The invitations not being played are proposed to all players after seven days.
* When it is in turn to play, you have one week to do so. After this period, your opponent can delete the game or can make you pass your turn.
* Games not being played for thirty days can be deleted by the administrator without notifying it.

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